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As long as you have enough strength to

pull off a single Magical Attack, victory

will still be within your grasp.

About This site:

This site was started in February of 2010

to serve as the information gateway to all

the stuff I write and draw.

My name is Mark Goodwell - its not my

real last name, but since I have some issues

pronouncing my real name, I'm going to

stick with this one that I made up.

I'm not trying to be fancy or anything.



Things that really motivated or

inspired me - too many to list - The

Empire State Building would be near the

top; followed by Phantom of the Opera,

Venice, Italy,Don Bluth, All musicals ever

made with special mention reserved for the

stage adaption of Sailor Moon, the UK

disco championships of the late 70's,

Blind Guardian, Edguy, Sabaton, Nightwish,

the Polyphonic Spree, GnR, that jap who

does the soundtracks to all those video

games, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Lido, and,

yes, for all the weeaboos, Hayao Miyazaki.

Fun Fact: President Teddy Roosevelt could perform Magical Attacks and transform into an intangible green bear. This is where the term 'Teddy Bear' comes from.

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